Must Have Finance Apps

Nowadays, personal finance management can be very stressful. But thanks to new technologies, personal financing is made easier. However, many of us still uses the traditional way of jotting down our finances via pen and paper, while we already have access to smartphones. With tons of apps, we can easily manage our personal finance. But, there are a few finance apps that stands out among the rest, and we are going to take a look at some of them here.

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Personal Finance Apps

  1. Mint – this is probably the most famous personal financing app for smartphones, available via iPhone and Android. The app is developed by Inuit; it provides real-time data about your personal finances, ranging from your bank accounts to 401 taxes. This app will certain make your life easier. It also tracks spending and it will approach you when you’re reaching your monthly budget limit. It also comes with custom saving tips to help you further.
  2. Acorns – have you ever tried investing? No? Then perhaps it’s time you begin! This app will simplify investing for you, you won’t even notice that you’ve already invested a decent amount and that you’ll start earning a good amount of money for your future. This app will connect to your bank or checking account and then for every purchase you made, it will round up the cents and bits and invest them. For example, if you bought a lunch that costs $10.56, the remaining $0.44 cents from round-off will be sent to your investment. The app claims that most users typically invest $80 to $160 a month without noticing.
  3. Level Money – they call themselves the mobile money meter. This app can be very easily used. All you need to do is to connect the app to your bank account and it will calculate your income and recurring bills. It will suggest daily, weekly, monthly and yearly budget spending depending on several factors. It will also come up with an amount that you should save. You can also setup an auto-save amount and in addition to that, any money left unspent on your monthly budget will automatically roll-over to your savings account.
  4. Digit – they say that you will save money that you didn’t even realized you had. This app automatically scans your income and spending pattern and it transfer small amount of money that it thinks unnecessary to your needs to a separate account that it manages. You can withdraw from that separate savings account, which, doesn’t have any interest. But hey, you can take money in times of emergency. And you don’t have to worry because it’s backed by Google.

Okay, that’s all about it for now. Those are some of the popular personal finance apps that can help you in your personal finance management.

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