Why every business should invest in Marketing

The question seems simple but the answer might actually be simpler.  Of course, we must have it clear that there are several types of marketing strategies.  In fact, you can identify more than 50 types of marketing strategy.

You are probably wondering why is it that brands that are solid and already known all around the world still invest in ongoing marketing.  To startups and small businesses though, marketing is survival.  If they do not invest in marketing, they will die.

Out of these strategies, some of them are more versatile than others.  Some require a larger investment while others produce a great ROI since they involve free tools.  Take social media for instance (content marketing).

Now, involving any type of marketing strategy, let´s go over the main reasons why every business should invest in marketing.

Marketing keeps your company going

Every business that is serious about it must assign a budget to marketing.  All the time.  So, why is it that this should be ongoing and not just a landing platform to get everyone to know what my business is about?  One word: innovation.

Business experts agree that a business enterprise has only two basic functions:  marketing and innovation.   Every else represents costs.  In other words, marketing should be seen as a part of the gearing of a company and not as a handyman that will come over when a tile is broken and a pipe is leaking.

New businesses usually make that mistake. They decide to start marketing efforts right after the iceberg has cut through the hull to prevent the ship from sinking.  Strong companies, on the other hand, are constantly investing in marketing because they are constantly innovating and have new products to offer to the public.

Marketing keeps people informed of your improvements

People´s perception of things is usually very static.  If you were to survey those people who know about your business and ask them what do they know your business is about, you will realize that their perception is one or two years off sync.  Of course, your business has improved but, bluntly said, nobody knows about it.  A continuous marketing effort keeps your clients in the loop of not only what you are but what have you become.

Your audience might change

As your company evolves, your target audience tends to change.  Today, your focus will be certain demographics but tomorrow you will need to address other audience.  You need then to be constantly evaluating the audience you want to reach and build your marketing strategy accordingly.

Marketing protects your future

This is probably the most important reason why a company should invest in marketing.  Simply said, marketing creates business.  You probably are standing on a solid grid right now, but what will happen in six months from now?  Will you still have that client base?  Smart business owners are planting seeds today for the future.

If you are in need of a solid marketing strategy to get you started and robust, we recommend you getting the strongest marketing company such as Curve Vancouver.  There are experts out there who create business for you as a living.  Either you are a startup or a solid veteran company, you need to invest in a constant marketing strategy.


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