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When it comes to earning money online, surveys would cross the mind. The income may not be big, but it definitely offers a small amount of supplementary income monthly along with the normal wages. This can be quite exciting for people, especially because the job can be done sitting in front of the computer screens. ‘

There are many survey sites available online, even to young teenagers. These websites usually send emails to notify people about pending surveys. People can easily win more than £150, which can cover some of the small monthly costs.


Taking surveys online would provide money that could be seen as an additional source of income to many. All of this can be done sitting at home or even during the lunch break at work. It may not be enough to get you rich, but fir some people it could be a source of financial freedom. And the best part is that anybody could do it.

If you are already interested in taking part in online surveys, find the best survey advice below to make the process easier.

Tip #1

You will have to sign up to several survey sites. Each of them will be sending a couple of surveys to be completed in a month and you can start finishing them as and when time permits. The reason why you need to take multiple sites into account is that the target audience differs for each survey, and you may not fit in the category for each one of them. Signing up to at least 10 sites can be seen as a reasonable amount.

Tip #2

You need to build a reputation of being a serious survey taker when you use these survey sites. If you do the surveys honestly, you will get more opportunities to fill surveys. They will also be asking you certain personal questions to see if you fit the criteria of the target audience. So, it is important that you be genuine at all costs. There is also not hurry, so you are free to take as much time you need to complete the surveys. Just make sure that you are being accurate.

Tip #3

The best way to deal with all the emails you receive for surveys would be to set up a new email account dedicated to the purpose. This way you can segregate your work emails and survey emails effectively.

Tip #4

If you want to be selected for the good offers, you must have your demographic details updated all the time. It might be a chore when you are simultaneously using different accounts, but this effort will definitely pay off. At least update the profile on each of these survey sites at least twice in a year.

Tip #5

This is a tip you must not ignore. When you are taking an online survey, you need to make sure that you do not work for free. Time is valuable to you, something you do not get back. Therefore, there must be compensation available for your time.

Follow these tips given above and you will be good to go. But before signing up, always remember that you need to read the terms and conditions, in spite of the fact that it can be boring.

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Do you know the reason why many big offices have these great office chairs? Is it because of prestige? Well, probably. But above all, it’s about the comfort of the people working. Having the best quality office chairs is important for everyone. And that same goes with all the investors.

If you are planning to invest for the best office chair, then it’s time for you to check out the latest and the best ones in the market.  And there are some factors that you need to consider when you are picking the right office chairs to invest to.

The best office chair

Since you’d be spending some amount of money for the best office chairs. You need to be sure that you get the best one in the market. So what do you need to look for the best office chair?

Head and back support. Although you might think that all office chairs are built with support, not all of them are actually designed the same. When it comes to head and back support, you need to make sure that it will be able to get your seated comfortably. You’d know that it has the best support if you feel better and with ease after long hours of work.

Adjustment is a must. Another great feature of the best office chair is that it san easy be adjusted. There are some office chairs that would take so much effort to adjust. And that wouldn’t work for anyone whose busy working in the office whole day and you don’t have time to spend just to adjust. Highly adjustable office chair is what you truly need.

The material used. You also need to check out the material the chair is made of. The most popular and the latest ones are made of mesh. They’re breathable, works perfectly with your back and doesn’t give your body enough pressures when you’re sitting on it. Always remember though, the best materials comes with a price.

The Best Office Chairs

Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair. It is made of nylon and with breathable glass fibre which is absolutely of high quality and standard. It has a different range of motion and most of all, it is made with a built-in lumbar support.

Herman Miller Embody Premium Seat. Another great office chair that supports better stimulation of blood and oxygen flow which will definitely make you seated relaxed and comfortable. It also gives you the best option to maintain a good posture.

Leaders Executive Task Chair in Fabric. What makes this one different is that it has dual backrests that works best for all body sizes. Highly adjustable, easy to tilt, adjust and move which will make your office life stress-free and comfortable.

Those are just some of the best office chairs that you can consider to invest. You can always check out some office chair reviews to see which ones are considered the best in the market. You also need to get some suggestions and ideas from those who have experience using them.

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Managing your finances effectively is pivotal to a successful enterprise.  Even for family administration, having the big picture of incomes and outcomes provides essential information to make educated decisions about one’s finances.

But many times, the process seems to be pretty complicated or maybe you are just too lazy to get started.   Knowing this fact, some mobile app developers have created serious apps for managing your finances. Let’s take a look at some of them.


This one is the most popular and probably the best all-in-one budget app.  It allows you to track your money, and as the description says, “get smart about your money.”  You can also connect all your bank accounts, credit cards, and monthly bills in order to seamlessly have everything connected into one place.

It is like your own finance assistant that keeps track of your bills, lets you know what you can spend, and sends payment reminders.  You even get specific advice from Mint in order to make better investment decisions.


This easy to use app allows you to keep track of all your expenses.  It is pretty intuitive.  All you have to do is take a picture of your receipts and automatically add it to your expenses.   The interface is simple and clean.  This is a great tool if you want to have a detail of where your money is going.

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget is a rather different app.  This is like your handler that will not let you spend more money than what you make.  If you happen to do that, the application will give you ideas on how to better manage your budget.

It is specially designed for those who want to sort out the bad habit of overspending.  The app has a built-in accountability partner to keep those expenses in check.  Users have to pay a monthly fee of $4.17, but it represents a great ROI if the app succeeds in reducing payments by the end of the month.


This application also allows you to keep track of your purchases via your phone’s camera.  It is great at making expense reports.  The app’s technology creates an expense report out of a picture of the receipt.  This is a great one if you are a traveler as it allows to track mileage, time- and rate-based expenses, and even a currency conversion feature.


If you have a hard time saving, let alone investing, then Acorns is the app for you.  This application provides the great benefit of a smart automatic investment.   This means that, when you make a purchase, Acorns will use the spare change of your purchase and keep it for investment.

If you have a business, you should consider getting a mobile app for your business.  AY Tech is our recommendation for mobile app development.  You will get the best service and an awesome customer service.

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The question seems simple but the answer might actually be simpler.  Of course, we must have it clear that there are several types of marketing strategies.  In fact, you can identify more than 50 types of marketing strategy.

You are probably wondering why is it that brands that are solid and already known all around the world still invest in ongoing marketing.  To startups and small businesses though, marketing is survival.  If they do not invest in marketing, they will die.

Out of these strategies, some of them are more versatile than others.  Some require a larger investment while others produce a great ROI since they involve free tools.  Take social media for instance (content marketing).

Now, involving any type of marketing strategy, let´s go over the main reasons why every business should invest in marketing.

Marketing keeps your company going

Every business that is serious about it must assign a budget to marketing.  All the time.  So, why is it that this should be ongoing and not just a landing platform to get everyone to know what my business is about?  One word: innovation.

Business experts agree that a business enterprise has only two basic functions:  marketing and innovation.   Every else represents costs.  In other words, marketing should be seen as a part of the gearing of a company and not as a handyman that will come over when a tile is broken and a pipe is leaking.

New businesses usually make that mistake. They decide to start marketing efforts right after the iceberg has cut through the hull to prevent the ship from sinking.  Strong companies, on the other hand, are constantly investing in marketing because they are constantly innovating and have new products to offer to the public.

Marketing keeps people informed of your improvements

People´s perception of things is usually very static.  If you were to survey those people who know about your business and ask them what do they know your business is about, you will realize that their perception is one or two years off sync.  Of course, your business has improved but, bluntly said, nobody knows about it.  A continuous marketing effort keeps your clients in the loop of not only what you are but what have you become.

Your audience might change

As your company evolves, your target audience tends to change.  Today, your focus will be certain demographics but tomorrow you will need to address other audience.  You need then to be constantly evaluating the audience you want to reach and build your marketing strategy accordingly.

Marketing protects your future

This is probably the most important reason why a company should invest in marketing.  Simply said, marketing creates business.  You probably are standing on a solid grid right now, but what will happen in six months from now?  Will you still have that client base?  Smart business owners are planting seeds today for the future.

If you are in need of a solid marketing strategy to get you started and robust, we recommend you getting the strongest marketing company such as Curve Vancouver.  There are experts out there who create business for you as a living.  Either you are a startup or a solid veteran company, you need to invest in a constant marketing strategy.


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There are multiple online platforms out there supporting startups.  Websites such as have created an ample database of people wanting to invest in technological advance.  But, is it really a good idea to invest in startups?  Actually, there are compelling reasons why you should do it.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few.  Now, consider that this is a relatively new asset class for investors, so many are dipping in instead of going in one foot, which is probably for the wiser.

 The investment feels real

Investing in startups provides the opportunity, unlike essentially every other type of business, to feel real ownership in companies being invested.  Investors can become a part of the company.  Many times, they become advisors and provide important connections, among other things.

Investing in the future

Technological advances are moving forward at a really fast pace. But that is nothing new, of course.  Investors get to fund the future.   This is a promising sector where growth has been substantially higher than other markets.

It is relatively safe

Investing in startups seems to be a great option for those who have not been able to start their own company.  Obviously, this would be ideal but then funding a startup is the next best thing.  Now, it is important to note here that backing startups is not like investing in public stocks.  There is a lot of risk involved.  However, as explained before, given that the market has been so favorable to former entrepreneurs, the risk can only be associated to financial mistakes.  Besides this, remember to follow the advice on not placing all of your eggs into one basket.

Pretty good asset returns

The asset class as a whole delivers pretty impressive asset returns.  There is enormous potential for exponentially multiplying the investment.  In 2012, for instance, according to the Thomson Reuters Venture Capital Research Index, U.S. angel investors had an average 2.6x return on their investments.  Reuter has also reported a rebound on venture capital investments which suggest a substantial yearly increase.

Portfolio diversification

The main discussion here is to increase portfolio efficiency while reducing volatility.  This is done by placing a small percent of your portfolio into early stage investments.  It is never wise to assign a large percentage, simply because it is not prudent.  Investing in these young, private companies, say a 5%, could give a 12% increase in return.  The reason for this is due to the low correlation of these companies with stock and bonds, or any other traditional asset class.

If you are willing to diversify your portfolio, you should be able to back up startups in small percentages.  Getting solid business help is always recommended to guarantee educated decisions.

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Real estate is one of the most profitable businesses out there.  If you were to check the property movements that take place even in a small town, you would be amazed.  This allows for an active market with a good liquidity.  So, it is just like a huge cake waiting for you to grab your piece.

Investing in real estate is then a profitable endeavor as well as attractive.  As an investor in real estate, you have to create listings of the properties you are selling with their corresponding pictures.  Let´s say you have hired a real estate photography service to do the job for you.  You have the most professional-looking photographs of houses, apartments, and buildings.  But there is a lot more than meets the eye.

If you are the one presented with the photographs of properties, you must be able to look beyond these in order to find true value.

Educate yourself about the place

Find other investors and real estate agents to investigate about what owning or renting a place at a particular spot is like.  If you are serious about learning about the place read books and articles about it.

Learn about the neighborhood and its real estate

Pictures will usually present the picture of the property.  There is no way of grasping what the surroundings are like.  Which is why it is imperative that you pay a visit to the neighborhood and get a sip of what the neighborhood is like.

Do you see yourself in this property?

Usually, photographs portray very spacious rooms.  As we look at them, we imagine ourselves and our stuff in it.  But, do you?   Sometimes it is best to follow your heart.  It is the one that will decide if you love the home or not, after all.   If you are young and do not have a family yet or have a young one, try to picture yourselves in this new home.

Look for a property that fulfills your requirements

Do not worry about feeling that you are demanding “celebrity style”.  If you are planning to grow roots in such home, it is important that it meets your basic requirements.  Do not let freebies or flashy promotions or discount make the decision for you.

Check for details

A good investor is one that pays attention to details.  Especially those who are able to see where others have failed.  You must be able to foresee any problem that might emerge from an issue that might be regarded as minor at the moment.  Hire professionals to check for anything that might require attention before making a move.

As stated at the beginning, photography is very important for the business of real estate.  But being able to look way beyond photographs and find value in a property is a characteristic shared by not too many.

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The formula is pretty simple:  If you open a business, you need clients and in order to get clients, you need to do marketing.  Otherwise, you might wind up in oblivion, which of course, is not good for your endeavour.  Large corporations, even being as big as they are, still make huge investments in marketing using formulas and strategies that actually work.  Any serious business will plan to budget for a solid marketing strategy.

You have probably asked yourself why companies such as Coca-Cola or Walmart make large investments in marketing.  These products do not seem to need it anymore since pretty much every breathing person (at least on this side of the pond) know about them.   Now, put it this way:  If they are investing in marketing is because they need it, and if they need it, how much more do you?

There are two extremes in the world of marketing.  On one side you have large companies that invest billions of dollars every year in marketing and get a great return.  On the other side, you have companies that need to do marketing, otherwise, they disappear.  Either way, they both rely on marketing as a means to being successful or stay relevant.

According to experts, there are only two purposes for a business: innovation and marketing.   Some companies sometimes fail at seeing marketing as part of their business.  They only regard it as something temporary while business gets back on its feet.  Sometimes a bit too late they realize that they needed it all along the way and the business cannot get back to what it was and simply disappears.

In other words, marketing is not a remedy to disastrous business.  It is a need that will keep your business alive and running.  This is why we can boldly say that marketing is the best thing you can do for your company.  When a business stays relevant through a well-planned marketing strategy, the only way to go is up.  There is no waste of money here.   In fact, marketing strategies should not only be a “part” of your business, it must permeate every aspect of it.

Here is a brief list of what marketing will do for your business:

  • It will keep you relevant.  You will definitively improve with the passing of the years.  However, people tend to stay fixated with the first impression they had with your business. A marketing strategy provides information of your company´s updates.  If you stop on your marketing efforts, this will cause people to eventually forget about it.  Trying to bring it back to people’s minds will prove to be long and tedious.
  • You are constantly evolving and varying your target audience.  You then have to plan for changes based on a new customer base.
  • Marketing allows you to plant seeds for the future.  It is the only way to make sure that your company will stay up for the following six months, year, or years.  A complete marketing strategy creates business.

Start your marketing strategy, make it part of your business, and keep it running even when you see success is imminent.  Remember, the largest corporations in the world make huge investments in marketing.  If you need assistance with your marketing strategy, Curve Communications can guide you through a successful program.

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Investing can be scary and a difficult move for some individuals. However, if it’s done right, you can see how easy it is. As a newcomer in the word of investing, you are probably worrying about a lot of things. You might be asking yourself the following questions: what should you buy? Who can you trust? What if everything you invest ended up losing? Like what we learned earlier, investing isn’t really a hard thing to do, as long as you know the basics. Here’s a tip, some of the most common mistakes investors make are their emotion, which affects their decisions, then there’s speculation, which might turn out to be wrong and finally, a wrong advice from an inexperienced advisor.

Investing should be a long term savings goal, not a stressful endeavor. With that in mind, all you need to do is to follow these do’s and don’ts of investing.


Do Research

This is one of the most important part of investing, as is many other things. Before dishing out a lump amount of money for some investing product, you have to make sure that it’s really worth it. You can use a number of sources for your research such as TV shows, radio programs, articles and many other sources like the internet.

In addition to that, if you are going to hire a financial advisor, make sure that you’ve look into his/her background to prove that he/she is legit and experienced. One wrong move can make you suffer.

Don’t Buy “Limited” or “No Risk” Returns

Many con artists use these words to attract new investors. They know that a newcomer, you are afraid to risk something. The truth is that these con artists bypass the required government registration papers and procedures to cut fees and conduct fraudulent investments. If you are in doubt, double check to make sure that the investment product is registered and legit.

Do Diversify your Investments

One of the biggest mistakes novice investors make is that they often term “diversified investments” as “owning multiple investments.” But a true diversified investment means that you are investing in different types. An example is a tech-heavy collection of investments will be too reliant for the performance of a single industry.

Do Keep an Eye to Fees

On paper, your profits for the year may appear to be noteworthy. Lamentably, once you subtract every one of the expenses paid to buy and deal with those ventures, the yield begins to look less energizing. Actually, you could without much of a stretch wind up giving up 40 percent of your return to charges, as indicated by Forbes.

Those are just some of the important things you have to consider when starting to invest.

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Nowadays, personal finance management can be very stressful. But thanks to new technologies, personal financing is made easier. However, many of us still uses the traditional way of jotting down our finances via pen and paper, while we already have access to smartphones. With tons of apps, we can easily manage our personal finance. But, there are a few finance apps that stands out among the rest, and we are going to take a look at some of them here.

personal finance

Personal Finance Apps

  1. Mint – this is probably the most famous personal financing app for smartphones, available via iPhone and Android. The app is developed by Inuit; it provides real-time data about your personal finances, ranging from your bank accounts to 401 taxes. This app will certain make your life easier. It also tracks spending and it will approach you when you’re reaching your monthly budget limit. It also comes with custom saving tips to help you further.
  2. Acorns – have you ever tried investing? No? Then perhaps it’s time you begin! This app will simplify investing for you, you won’t even notice that you’ve already invested a decent amount and that you’ll start earning a good amount of money for your future. This app will connect to your bank or checking account and then for every purchase you made, it will round up the cents and bits and invest them. For example, if you bought a lunch that costs $10.56, the remaining $0.44 cents from round-off will be sent to your investment. The app claims that most users typically invest $80 to $160 a month without noticing.
  3. Level Money – they call themselves the mobile money meter. This app can be very easily used. All you need to do is to connect the app to your bank account and it will calculate your income and recurring bills. It will suggest daily, weekly, monthly and yearly budget spending depending on several factors. It will also come up with an amount that you should save. You can also setup an auto-save amount and in addition to that, any money left unspent on your monthly budget will automatically roll-over to your savings account.
  4. Digit – they say that you will save money that you didn’t even realized you had. This app automatically scans your income and spending pattern and it transfer small amount of money that it thinks unnecessary to your needs to a separate account that it manages. You can withdraw from that separate savings account, which, doesn’t have any interest. But hey, you can take money in times of emergency. And you don’t have to worry because it’s backed by Google.

Okay, that’s all about it for now. Those are some of the popular personal finance apps that can help you in your personal finance management.

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